Guess who’s back!

I’m back! Whoa time slips away so quickly!
I have been set back from a sacroiilitis episode, trying to settle it naturally with a strict organic diet and rest. This is hard! But I’ll get there 🙂 hope you guys have missed me!
Last week I brought a treadmill and exercise bike, at my own leisure will increase my fitness once again 🙂 I’m swollen and sore but I’m happy!


Yoga and Stretching

Yoga and Stretching

Yoga and stretching!
Have fell in love all over again, yep with yoga! I have been doing it for months now and feel so good for it, once I have the hang of most of it I plan to join a group and do it with others. I finish my yoga and feel fantastic its an amazing feeling and I am lucky to have found such a great exercise and stretching routine!

Straight Sleep

11 hours of straight sleep-something i must of needed, i feel refreshed and energetic this afternoon. back to normal and back to myself. sometimes its good to just rest, take it easy and catch up. sometimes you just need it!
This afternoon i will do my walk and a bit of yoga which i thoroughly enjoy now. something i recommend to all my friends and anyone willing to give it a go. you will love it!
My hip has settled completely now with just panadol and rest.I am lucky! fingers crossed it stays this way heading towards the weekend 🙂

Take it slow

I had a bad night last night with my hip due to the cold. Tossing and turning and being woken up most of the night has made me quite tired today. i do feel like laying down or closing my eyes for a few moments but i have a few things to do. This will not stop me from doing my 5km but will take it a lot easier than i did yesterday. never push yourself, take it slow.

Easy does it!

It has taken me a long time to be able to walk 5kms per day but i appreciate now that i can. Very proud of what i have achieved and continue to achieve every day. i include yoga and weights in my daily schedule. all exercise which make up for about 90 minutes of my exercise routine per day. I am trying to lose the weight from the cortisone tablets and am getting there slowly but i dont push myself too hard if i cant do it and need to rest, i will.
It is easy to burn ourselves out with exercise and not be able to do any for the rest of the week, we do need to find that balance. its hard when you are feeling really well and energetic.
When any joint is hot, red and swollen it is important not to exercise and aggravate the pain and tenderness. When the swelling is down and not hot you can continue your exercise but go slowly back into routine.

Relieving pain associated with plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the tissue at the bottom of the foot.Psoriatic arthirits caused this early on when diagnosed with the arthritis. tenderness and stiffness of the arch of the foot whcih can be very painful. It is worse in the morning but fingers crossed it has not been present for sometime. I used these things to help and alleviate the pain or settle it down.
* Try freezing a small water bottle, while sitting down, roll the heel on the bottle, back and forth. if its too cold wrap something around the bottle but this will stop some of the inflammation.
* Similar effect to strecth out the muscle you could use a rolling pin.
* When going to the podiatrist i got orthotics and they put another bit underneath the right orthotic to stretch and stop the pain.
* Try a rocker walking boot which takes the pressure off the heel and rocks while you walk. I found this good but had it for 6 weeks and was hard getting back into normal walking because the back of the boot is elevated.
Food also contributes to the swelling and pain, stay away from tomatoes, citrus and anything acidic. If nothing helps you can get a cortisone injection in the base of the foot. Although this wont be happening constantly as it eventually wears the tissue in the foot but can help for a little while. It is good to try and stay natural.